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Art Consultant
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  Advice on value before purchase. Am I paying too much?
  Advice on restoration & conservation. The right conservator & restorer, should it be restored?
  Advice on donations - fair market value (FMV) Face the IRS with confidence.
  Advice on equitable distribution (FMV) Who gets what without recriminations.
  Advice on retail replacement value (RRV) Why insure my art?
  Advice on retail replacement value (RRV) Am I paying too high a premium?
  Advice on retail replacement value (RRV) Did the insurance company underpay me?
  Advice on selling your art. How to get top dollar.
  Advice on fair market value. The dream.
  Advice on fair market value net. The dream confronts reality.
  Advice on artwork placement for sale. The how & the where of selling.
  Advice on how to catalog & describe your art. The how & the why of art description.

Charles Kaufman:

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Liliana Perez:

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Andrea Harris:

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Architect & Painter
Lucien Steil:

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